For nearly 70 years, the Beta Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has been an important part of MSM, UMR, and Missouri S&T. Since our founding in 1947, Beta Eta has played a significant role in the personal and professional development of its members. Many of our more than 1,100 initiates have distinguished themselves in their respective professions, their personal lives and within their communities. Much of this success is due to the lessons we learned outside of the classroom in TKE meetings and activities.


While there are sure to be some differences in today’s Chapter compared to the one you remember, a fraternity continues to provide a place in which to develop skills essential for success in today’s competitive world. Our Chapter House at 1107 State Street has played a pivotal role in creating the atmosphere and opportunity for the nurturing of social and academic skills vital to a young man’s development. Over the years, the house provided a comfortable and safe environment for hundreds of our members and was a central place where young men can interact, learn, bond, and socialize. We now have an opportunity to build a modern Chapter House that is even safer and more conducive to fraternity life.

It is essential that all Tekes, from yesterday to today, bond together to help rebuild the Beta Eta Chapter House. As a home away from home for the next generations of young men, the house will serve as a living and learning center for our members. If others are to benefit from the Beta Eta experience, we must use this opportunity to rebuild our home and prepare for the future of TKE in Rolla.

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