Developing the TKE Standard

How Beta Eta Impacted Andrew During ’10, BH1072

Entering college often signals a new chapter in life and brings exciting change. Andrew During ’10, BH1072 had a similar experience when he joined Beta Eta Chapter. “I joined Tau Kappa Epsilon as a way to meet new people, develop leadership experiences, strengthen my resumé, and network with alumni. After graduation I wanted to stay part of the brotherhood in order to give back to the fraternity that gave me so much during my college career.”

Most of Andrew’s favorite memories revolve around bonding with his pledge class. He is proud of the way Fraters were able to work toward a common goal to help one another develop, including representing Beta Eta at Conclave. “Everything from completing service and philanthropy projects to our random impromptu movie nights helped a group of complete strangers become lifelong friends. We always felt that the brotherhood in our little Chapter far exceeded any of the other bigger chapters on campus, which gave us an enormous sense of pride.”

As part of the Beta Eta brotherhood, Andrew learned the leadership skills necessary to survive in the real world. “Being a young engineer with managerial responsibilities can be tough, and the experience I gained leading the Chapter as an officer proved invaluable. After all, if you can manage to lead 30 men in their late teens and early 20s toward accomplishing common goals, you can lead anybody.”

Andrew advises undergraduate members that school can be tough, but there is no reason to rush to the finish line. “Taking fewer hours each semester will decrease your stress and give you more time to focus on the classes you are taking. The single most important skill you can learn in college is time management and to load up your resume now with as much leadership experience as possible.”

He encourages alumni to remember their time as undergraduates, but to also make new memories by reengaging with the Chapter. Andrew has kept this bond strong by serving as the treasurer for the Beta Eta Alumni Association and visits the Chapter House regularly. “With the new Chapter House, a resurging Chapter size, a few Top Teke awards under our belt, and an alumni presence that’s bigger than ever, there’s never been a better time to get back in touch with fraters you’ve lost contact with.”

By simply reconnecting, alumni ensure the strength of Beta Eta for future generations. “It’s important to stay involved after graduation because it has allowed me to give back to the Chapter that has given me so much in my life. Networking never stops once you get into the professional world, so staying in touch with our alumni base can offer numerous benefits.”

Andrew often looks to Tau Kappa Epsilon in his daily life. “Their mission statement ‘aided me in my mental, moral, and social development as I transitioned from a teenager to a man’. The skills I learned, the people I met, and the experiences I had at the old ΤΚΕ Chapter House all contributed to making me who I am today.”

Andrew is the quality manager and field engineer for a heavy civil contractor and lives in Hazelwood, Mo. He can be reached at


Securing the Legacy

How the Chapter President Role Has Influenced Colton Gholson ’16, BH1126

When Colton Gholson ’16, BH1126 first stepped foot on the Missouri University of Science and Technology’s campus, he had no interest in joining Greek life. However, after meeting his soon-to-be pledge brother, Colton’s journey with Beta Eta began. “After meeting the men in the Chapter House and learning about the benefits of joining Tau Kappa Epsilon, I knew it was something I wanted to do. Due to the relationships I’ve made with actives and alumni, it’s easy to want to stay and make Beta Eta Chapter as successful as possible.”

As one of the youngest Chapter presidents in Beta Eta’s history, Colton often relies on these relationships for support. “My brothers have been very supportive of me, and the older members and alumni have taught me many valuable lessons from their own experiences.”

From learning not rush decisions and to think about how each action will affect the Chapter long term, Colton is thankful for the enhanced perspective this position has awarded him. “I’m more motivated to do well in everything from academics to intramurals because I want to excel in everything I do.”

Beta Eta affords every member opportunities to grow and learn as both members of Tau Kappa Epsilon and for the future. “I’ve learned how to lead, manage, motivate, delegate, and many other traits necessary to being a good leader. Before joining Beta Eta, I never considered myself a leader. After spending two years as part of this fraternity, I’ve learned to do things that I never thought I could before.”

Knowing that Beta Eta comes from a legacy of excellence, Colton strives to uphold these standards daily. “I want my Chapter to be successful and I want to do everything I can to represent Beta Eta Chapter well. We have a long history of success on our campus and nationally. I want to continue that success for years to come.”

Only through the combined efforts of undergraduate members and alumni will this success remain possible. “Every member must be involved and motivated for a Chapter to succeed. Whether you attend brotherhood events or just stop by the Chapter House, being involved is a great way for members to spend time with others and build multi-generational relationships.”

Colton encourages alumni to reconnect because they are instrumental in guiding the future of Beta Eta and the current Fraters. “Tau Kappa Epsilon is a fraternity for life and being part of Beta Eta has shown me how much alumni support can lead to the success of the Chapter. This dedication makes me want to contribute even after I graduate. I hope to be involved in Beta Eta’s alumni association, donate, and continue our success.”

Colton resides in the new Chapter House and can be reached at


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