Description and Duties

The description and duties of the Board of Advisors are outlined in The Teke Guide:

Supervision of the college chapter’s finances and property is the responsibility of a local Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors includes the Chapter Advisor, the Chapter Prytanis, the Chapter Crysophylos, and four or more other alumni members.

Any member of the collegiate chapter may present written motions or resolutions for Board consideration on any matter within its jurisdiction, which if seconded in writing by another member, is thereupon discussed and voted upon in the same manner as if offered by a member of the Board. Any chapter may, by majority vote, appeal to the Grand Prytanis any decision or action of its Board of Advisors.

The Board has the power to require repairs, insurance and the payment of taxes, special assessments, judgments, and all other matters necessary for the protection and preservation of the real estate. No encumbrance or conveyance can be made without its consent. It must approve all plans and specifications for proposed repairs, alterations or improvements, and it must approve all contracts. It is the duty of the chapter to appropriate and raise the funds required for any expenditure ordered by the Board within the scope of its jurisdiction. It addition, whenever any chapter becomes indebted for any long-term expenditure, it is the duty of the Board of Advisors to establish a fund for the retirement of such debt and to require the chapter to pay monthly to the Board treasurer a sum sufficient for the fund.

The title to all personal property and chapter house real estate of the collegiate chapters is held by the Board of Advisors. Any mortgage required to be made by any collegiate chapter must be made upon a proper resolution passed by the Board and executed by its president and secretary.


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